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Contact Center Technology



IVR software helps callers help themselves through "self-service. These systems provide automated menus that allow callers to complete tasks without assistance from support agents. In conjunction with an automated call distribution (ACD system help route callers to the right support agent when self-service options can meet their needs. 

Workforce Management 

Workforce management (WFM) is a set of processes that optimize workplace efficiency on both an institutional and employee level. 

WFM consists of several target categories that work to make a company run smoothly:

  • Forecasting: The best solutions integrate historical data to view past demand and analyze the speed and success of transactions to create an accurate demand forecast for future workloads.

  • Scheduling: Managers can use WFM solutions to schedule shifts and hours around projected call forecasts and assign the most skilled agents as needed. You can also easily handle individual employees' scheduling needs and vacation planning.

  • Payroll administration: WFM allows you to simplify the payroll process by having all agents' information in one central location. You can also easily track raises, bonuses, and other benefits.

  • Performance monitoring: On an individual level, you can use WFM to monitor employees to ensure that time and money are maximized. You can also use this tracking to identify unique employee skill sets that you can utilize when scheduling specific functions.


Call Center Gamification is the implementation of game mechanics in the call center as a way to motivate employee engagement and achievement.

Call center managers can choose from a variety of call center KPIs, such as:

  • Average speed to answer

  • First call resolution

  • Number of dials

  • Total talk time

  • Average after call work time

  • Percentage of calls handled by type


Customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys help to understand your customer's satisfaction level with your organization's products, services, or experiences.

  • Email surveys

  • SMS Surveys 

  • Mobile and website

  • Social

  • Receipt surveys

  • Offline surveys 


Analytics help you mind a wealth of qualitative information from call recordings, chats and 

 SMS to understand what your customers want. How long did the customer wait before receiving a response? How many times replies before a question was resolved? Even though the resolution was completed, it does not necessarily mean that it was handled correctly. Analytics paint the actual customer experience. 


AI and Chat Bots  

AI has evolved to include "virtual agent" and "agent assist" functions. AI works alongside the agent to interpret customer intent and prepare an appropriate response. Through natural language processing and IVR technology, the AI "listens" for what customers want across multiple channels, including chat, email, SMS, and the phone, and makes recommendations to the agent, including knowledge support articles and suggested responses. 


Video Support 

Video support is a unique solution that is completely transforming a customer's experience. Once an agent can take a request, the user will receive a video pop-up of that agent. From here, agents can take control of the user's device. Whatever the case may be, contact centers can take advantage of this seamless video experience to offer entirely new methods of support.


Tech-savvy customers want the ability to contact companies by their method of choice (webchat, video, email, etc.) the experience and the information conveyed should be the same. If you don't ensure consistency across multiple customer service channels, then the overall experience will be negative, which potentially negates your investment in multi-channel


Mobility has revolutionized the way people work, and mobility is quickly changing the way we interact with technology. When it comes to wireless and mobility, we have direct access to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and many others. Working with OPTIVITY NOW you will have access to knowledgeable and dedicated mobility staff. Including MACD and help desk support, optimization teams, a full suite of applications for device inventory and expense management, and managed professional services for application management, help desk, procurement, MACD, and optimization.


Strategic Consulting


A truly digital contact center redefines the entire customer experience. With unity across all touchpoints, an organization can deliver the fast and consistent experiences customers expect.


Transformation Blue Prints 

Whether the transformation includes the implementation of people, process, or technology changes. We will provide options for consulting firms who can plan, orchestrate, implement, and monitor success through the entire transformation. 

Customer Journey Roadmaps

A compiling of a series of customer actions into a customer lifecycle analysis and into a timeline.


Capability Assessments

A full audit of your platforms, tools, productivity, and processes. Benchmarking against industry best practices and providing recommendations on the best systems and process improvements.


We work a wide variety of call center agencies around the world. The seat availability ranges from 10 to thousands of seats that are located throughout the United States, Canada, Philippines, India, Central & South America, Asia, and South Africa.


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